About Founder

Shrawan Nepali grew up at Paropakar Orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal from age 8 till 16 after losing his grandma, YogaMaya Shrestha. After finishing high school, he worked as a supervisor to take care of 50-boys orphanage, while attending part-time college at Public Youth College, Kathmandu. He also worked at the International Buddhist Library in Swayembhunath. And then in 1985 he got an opportunity to pursue his higher education in the United States when his long time Peace Corp Volunteer brother John Paul sponsored his education at Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, North Carolina. After getting his BA in Business Administration 1989, he moved to be closer to his another long time Peace Corp Volunteer brother Dave Fulton from San Francisco, CA who served in his village in Pyuthan, in Western Nepal during the late 1960s.

While working part-time at Tri-Valley Growers Corporation in San Francisco, CA as an accountant he ended up getting his MBA in International Business from Lincoln University in 1993. After his degree he kept on serving corporate America for 8 years. At Selective Media, San Francisco, CA, he worked as a controller from 1995- 1999., At Alternative Telecom, Berkeley, CA he worked as a controller from 1999-2001!

To give back to his native country Nepal, he left corporate world in 2001 to start a home to provide lasting home and education for some of the most underprivileged children of Nepal, thus he founded Ama Foundation. (www.ama-foundation.org)

With his love of cooking and bring friends together, as he calls if "human fire place" from the East and the West, with the help of friends from both parts of the World, he ended up founding Curry Without Worry in 2006.

He travels around the world to promote these two organizations and also leads his friends from the West to the spiritual and adventure journey of Nepal twice a year.

Messege from Founder


September 2010

Dear Friends


Curry Without Worry is very excited to share the news of its planned opening of Curry Without Worry Kathmandu in Kathmandu, Nepal this Fall.  As you know already, Curry Without Worry was established in December 2006 in San Francisco, California with a sole mission of providing healthy Nepalese meals to hungry people.  Served with the spirit of compassion and acceptance, all who partake in the experience receive more than a hot meal, Curry Without Worry seeks to feed both mind and body through music and dance, human interaction, and the merging of our global community.

This service we provide to feed the hungry souls is only possible by the dedicated team of volunteers and dedicated contributors and supporters like you.  We salute you for your compassionate heart.  Please consider helping us by contributing whatever amount you can to bring home soul pleasing meals to feed the hungry in Nepal.  Your generosity goes a long way in Nepal.  Since our inception in 2006, we have served over 24,000 meals to our hungry guests every Tuesday rain or shine.

You might be wondering on why we are embarking on a mission to cross border to Nepal and serve there.  We, believe that hunger has no boundry, the suffering and difficulties that we experience whether we are living in the United States or in Nepal or anywhere else in the world, is the same.  If we can relate this common suffering in the world, then it is also our responsibility to share the bountiful harvest with those in need.  After all, we all live in this global village.

Thus, we appeal with you to help us by contributing today to make it possible for us to establish Curry Without Worry Kathmandu this Fall.  Together, you and Curry Without Worry will continue to make a difference in the lives of those who otherwise go hungry.

Thank you for your compassionate heart and your generosity.
Sincerely Yours,

Shrawan Nepali & Curry Without Worry family